How Stove Sentry Works


The Surefire Stove Sentry interfaces between a pellet stove or kerosene heater and the AC electrical supply.

When electricity is present the Surefire Stove Sentry charges a battery and surveys the power line. At the instant that a power failure occurs, the Surefire Stove Sentry converts the energy stored in the battery to AC power. This assures operation of the pellet stove or kerosene heater without interruption during the absence of electricity.

When AC utility power is restored, the Surefire Stove Sentry reinstates AC utility power as the prime energy source to operate the pellet stove or kerosene heater. Simultaneously and automatically the Surefire Stove Sentry commences the recharging of the battery, to return it to full capacity in preparation for the next power failure.

At sites where utility power is not present, the user should determine if there is a sufficient reserve of battery capacity to enable the pellet stove or kerosene heater to operate for the desired time period. Consult the Surefire Stove Sentry operating manual for data relating the size and number of batteries needed.